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101 Theory Drive: A Neuroscientist's Quest for Memory
Terry McDermott.
Publisher: Pantheon.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780375425387.  Daedalus Item Code: 38073
Ambitious, brilliant, and contentious, Gary Lynch is the archetypal rebel scientist, engaged in a decades-long quest to uncover the physical processes of memory. Journalist Terry McDermott shadowed ... (Read More)
List Price: $25.95 Sale Price: $5.98 You Save: $19.97
Almost Chimpanzee: Searching for What Makes Us Human, in Rainforests, Labs, Sanctuaries, and Zoos
Jon Cohen.
Publisher: Times Books.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780805083071.  Daedalus Item Code: 21676
In 2005 researchers sequenced the chimpanzee genome and provided a startling new window into the differences between humans and our closest primate cousins. For the past several years, Science ... (Read More)
List Price: $27.50 Sale Price: $5.98 You Save: $21.52
Amber: The Natural Time Capsule
Andrew Ross.
Publisher: Natural History Museum, London.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9780565092580.  Daedalus Item Code: 42003
Originating from the resin of trees that lived millions of years ago, amber perfectly preserves the animals that become trapped in it. Andrew Ross provides an engaging overview of this prehistoric ... (Read More)
List Price: Import Sale Price: $4.98
Atlas of Anatomy: Organs, Systems, Structures
Sue Peter, ed.
Publisher: Konecky.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9781568528021.  Daedalus Item Code: 41721
Compiled by the editorial team of the Sobotta Atlas, this volume provides a thorough overview of human anatomy and its significant structures, shown in 600 superbly detailed drawings that reveal the ... (Read More)
Sale Price: $19.98
The Big Questions: Mind
Richard R. Restak. Simon Blackburn, series ed.
Publisher: Quercus.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9781780870359.  Daedalus Item Code: 34426
What makes the human brain special? Do dreams have meaning? And what is this thing called "love"? The author of The Playful Brain tackles the enigmas of the most complex part of the body, and ... (Read More)
List Price: Import Sale Price: $6.98 $4.98
The Book of the Moon
Rick Stroud.
Publisher: Walker.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780802717344.  Daedalus Item Code: 31874
Can you remember where you were on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon? Emmy nominated British television director Rick Stroud has been obsessed with the moon since ... (Read More)
List Price: $27.00 Sale Price: $6.98 You Save: $20.02
Brain Power: Improve Your Mind as You Age
Michael J. Gelb & Kelly Howell. Tony Buzan, foreword.
Publisher: New World Library.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9781608680733.  Daedalus Item Code: 38755
Though the fear of mental deterioration is one of the great apprehensions of aging, over the past 30 years neuroscientists have discovered that the structure of the brain allows it to actually ... (Read More)
List Price: $14.95 Sale Price: $9.95 You Save: $5.00
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A Brief History of the Universe
J.P. McEvoy.
Publisher: Robinson.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9781845296841.  Daedalus Item Code: 21984
The first astronomers mapped the movement of the seasons and used the positions of the constellations for augurs and astrology; today astronomy probes ever deeper into the nature of life and reality ... (Read More)
List Price: Import Sale Price: $5.98
A Brief History of the Universe: From Ancient Babylon to the Big Bang
J.P. McEvoy.
Publisher: Running Press.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9780762436224.  Daedalus Item Code: 32959
Since the dawn of humanity, people have gazed at the stars and attempted to define the heavens. Here astrophysicist J.P. McEvoy—also the author of Introducing Quantum Theory, Introducing ... (Read More)
List Price: $13.95 Sale Price: $4.98 You Save: $8.97
Darwin's Sacred Cause: How a Hatred of Slavery Shaped Darwin's Views on Human Evolution
Adrian Desmond & James Moore.
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780547055268.  Daedalus Item Code: 32158
There has always been a mystery surrounding Charles Darwin: how did this quiet, respectable gentleman, a pillar of his parish, come to embrace one of the most radical ideas in the history of human ... (Read More)
List Price: $30.00 Sale Price: $4.98 You Save: $25.02
Darwin: Portrait of a Genius
Paul Johnson.
Publisher: Penguin.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9780147509772.  Daedalus Item Code: 38946
The author of Socrates: A Man for Our Times; Jesus: A Biography from a Believer; and Churchill, as well as Modern Times, historian Paul Johnson here looks at one of the ... (Read More)
List Price: $15.00 Sale Price: $9.95 You Save: $5.05
Earth on Fire: How Volcanoes Shape Our Planet
Angelika Jung-Huttl. Bernhard Edmaier, photog.
Publisher: Phaidon.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780714857008.  Daedalus Item Code: 23816
This stunning collection of photographs showcases some of the world's most dramatic and beautiful volcanic landscapes. Along with geothermal regions in Europe, the Americas, Africa, New Zealand, the ... (Read More)
List Price: $59.95 Sale Price: $19.98 You Save: $39.97
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